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On-line & advanced sales are now closed.  You may purchase your ticket at the door!

Sexteto Milonguero plays different repertoire each night!

Pa' sacarle viruta al piso!!!

What does "Pa' sacarle viruta al piso" mean?: it's a very popular expression among the tangueros in Argentina that means to dance so much that you end up polishing or scraping the dance floor, that you wear off the sole of the shoe. 

Not very often we have the opportunity to dance tango with live performances such as the ones of Sexteto Milonguero.  If you are a tanguero in the MidWest, or just a tango fan, you should not miss this unique and unforgettable experience.

Sexteto Milonguero will perform at 2 milongas: on Friday and Saturday evenings at The Woman's Club of Minneapolis. Following those milongas we'll also have 2 all-night milongas at Four Seasons Dance Studio in Minneapolis.

Guests DJs: Rodrigo Saraibe (DJ Charrúa, Chicago), DJ Pablo (Paul Lohman, Minneapolis), DJ Marquis Childs (Wisconsin), Rahul Ughade (Minneapolis).

Tickets can be purchased at the door

Interested in attending an evening of memorable and passionate music, performed by a sensational group of Argentine musicians?  Offer for non-dancers only (no exceptions, please): More info about these options: Concert Only 

Tangueros: if you dance tango you have the following options:

1- Full Pass: includes all milongas both days, Friday and Saturday.  For more info about this option, please click here  (Tickets page) This is the most convenient option and will give you the freedom to come and go as you please.

2- Friday Only: there are 2 milongas on Friday: Opening Milonga (8pm-midnight) and Bollywood Milonga (midnight-4am).  You may purchase a Friday Pass (includes both) or one or the other one.  For more info about this option, please click on Friday Milongas Only 

3- Saturday Milongas: there 2 milongas on Saturday, one long milonga from 4pm-midnight (Pa' Sacarle Viruta al Piso!) with change of DJ at 8pm, and them the Closing Milonga (midnight-5am).  You may purchase a Saturday Pass that includes both, or one or the other one.  For more info about this option, please click on Saturday Milongas Only 

Dinner available for purchasing in the Ballroom between 5pm-8pm. Click here to view the Tango Menu


This is a Bataclan Tango initiative that has been possible thanks to the generous support of many members of the tango community in the Twin Cities. This support has been and still is by donations and/or participating in fund raising activities as well as registering to this fun event.  

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